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And What is iConnectExpansion?

I believe that there is a movement in our world today to listen to the longing underneath the pain and stress that we are all feeling.

I believe that people and organizations have a longing within them to work in away that is natural, connected, and whole.

Often times in our volatile uncertain complex ambiguous world it is easy to get caught up in solution oriented approaches meant to solve problems in our management and leadership.

What if those problems have more to listen to within them, but because we keep missing their messages, one problem gets solved, and then a new one pops up somewhere else?

There is a simpler lighter way to achieve the goals your looking for as a manager, executive leader, or business owner.


There are natural expansion laws that kick in very quickly when you listen in a new way to your problems, challenges, situations, teams, projects, and departments.

iConnectExpansion by Trace Hobson’s service to the world helps you listen and make the connections that want to be made so that rapid transformation and expansion begins to take place in your company.

It’s the same that it works in a forest. The trees, and animals and insects and vegetation all is connected and expansive in a way that reflects something that is thriving and filled with life. 

And it is exactly the same that our teams, departments, and organizations want to be as well.

It starts with one person who slows down and begins to listen to the conversation that has no words.

Alan Seale, Founder and Director of The Center for Transformational Presence, United States

"Trace is an incredible support for those who choose to work with him. He also challenges them to step into the best of who they are and live into their greatest potential—as leaders, as coaches, as people who want to make a difference, as human beings." 

"The people who thrive with Trace are those who are ready to move—who are ready to take their next big steps—who ready to exponentialize their growth and evolution. Working with Trace is not for the feint of heart! That is not at all to say that he is difficult, demanding, or critical. Quite the contrary. He will bend over backwards to support you through your challenges, doubts, fears, and resistance to your own greatness in every way that he can as long as you are 100% committed."

Jo Boniszewski, Executive Coach, Netherlands


"It is an absolute pleasure and breath of fresh air to work with Trace. He is a combination of high energy, proactive business entrepreneur and deeply aware, conscious leadership coach. He possesses the ability to gently and firmly invite me, and others he works with, out of our comfort zones and into new areas of discovery, expansion and growth. In our work together, we have fun and I feel energised, challenged and fully supported to explore, experiment and stretch myself and my work."

Caroline Veerman, Director at Koninklijke Kentalis, Nertherlands

"Trace is an inspiring and very compentent transformational presence leader and coach who is able to connect inner and outer worlds so that expansion can happen individually, in teams and in organizations. Through working with Trace I discovered new and exciting aspects of myself with regard to my work in the world. The mentoring and training I received from Trace through the Company Development Program helped me to unfold the potential that was hidden inside of me. This process not only transformed my life, but also impacts the lives of the people I work with. 
Together we are making the world a better place!"

Sander van Eekelen, CEO Academy of LIfe, Netherlands


"To be coached by Trace Hobson is a real treat. An exceptionally skillful coach Trace helps you create extraordinary results both personally and professionally. His presence is warm, direct and transparent. He provides a safe space to explore and gather new information. He offers a beautiful balance between leading and following, which allows for transformation to happen and, at the same time, getting practical insights into the next steps forward. If you are looking for transformational leadership in action, Trace is the one to turn to!"

Nur Shojai, Visual Artist, Canada

"I want to thank Trace for his dedication and time; I achieved everything that I had as a goal when I started to work with Trace. This work solidified my skills for confidence, empowerment, and awareness—I feel I have an energy literacy now to understand what is happening in my life, and I feel empowered with the tools I need to deal with anything that comes along."

Jan Jaap Rodenburg, General Manager, South32, Maylasia

"Trace was my coach for close to a year and I truly enjoyed working with him. He has an amazing ability to tune in to the individual, provides insights to deeper levels of what is present at that moment and touches on the purpose of life and work. He has a wealth of business and trading experience which meant he could easily relate to my business and background without any judgement. He has inspired me with his examples of life and career choices."






Trace Hobson has been mentored by Alan Seale to deliver the Transformational Presence signature programs globally.

He works with members of the Transformational Presence community on projects within healthcare, business, and education







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