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How This Ground-Breaking Training is CHANGING The WAY that People Are Doing Their Work in the World...

Hans Neff,

Coach and Mentor in Business, Germany


This is a completely different Sales Program and absolutely unique in the world!

It does not contain “superficial” tools as every other programs contain (and that are valuable), but it shows the real basis of “selling” and supports defining the truth about one´s own purpose and “benefit delivery” in life. There is no other sustainable lasting program I know in the whole (European) market- and as a sales manager I know it very well.

Marja Sas,

Therapist & Coach (CTPC), Netherlands



The Heart Sell Program brought me straight to my Essence, and from there I only had to listen to
know what to do. In daily life it is so easy to forget to connect with our Essence and Jo and Trace
guide you on your journey in selling from the Heart, and much more. It was truly inspiring to join
this program and to be able to share my insights and learnings with all the participants from all over
the world.

Jo Read,

Facilitator, Coach & Trainer, Australia



The program deepened my experiential understanding of ways to build my business from an
expansive and discovery-based perspective. My sales philosophy has been transformed, and I now
have the skills, knowledge and confidence to focus on the signals that indicate a positive, mutually
rewarding working relationship with a potential client. Sales conversations with new and existing
clients are much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Mary Ehrgood,

D.Min, Soul Coach, Unitred States



The Heart-Sell program created an evolutionary path from our core essence revealing itself
through images and words, to its translation into who we are in the world as connected to our
larger essence, and how we communicate who we are and what service we offer to the world.

There is a flow and
an enthusiasm that this program creates to replace the standard ways we objectify our work in
the world as a product to sell rather than as a living alive energetic form which we inhabit,
express, and continue to experience and explore.

Saba Arjomand,

Director of the Centre for Human
Progress, Canada


This was a program of expertise and experience delivered with love.


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