Next ATP Training Program in Holland June 2019

The Applied Transformational Presence Program

Welcome to a journey that will change your work, your business, and your life!

In the right-hand margin of this page, you will find different currency options for you depending on the country you live in.

There are also monthly payment plans that are spread out over a year for you to use if that serves you. 

What the price of the program includes:

  • Full access to online tools, supports, and processes that will help you to work with energy, potential, and your Transformational Presence as it applies to leadership and management areas Like:
    • Shifting Stress, Fear, Anxiety, and Tension in Projects
    • Tools to Transform Day-to-Day Busyness and Operational Problems into Relaxation for you and your team
    • Tools to Create Safe and Supportive Teams
    • Language for Shifting Perceptions and Support of Leadership, Clients, and Teams
    • Measuring Transformation Practically
    • Harnessing your and your peoples fear, anxiety, stress, and tension during downsizing, restructuring, and "transformation" projects, and making them fuel that works for you instead of against you
    • Team coaching tools for practically applying Transformational Presence and working with energy, potential, and your presence in team meetings, and specific interventions
    • Tools for working with anger, frustration, and judgments for you, your clients, and for teams
    • More as we roll this area out and learn together what is needed...
  • Translation tools that help you find the words and language for each department or industry where you work (finance, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, engineering, etc..), so that you gain their support 
  • A seat for one of our in-person 4-day emersion events throughout the world and year (*Next One is in the Netherlands June 12-15, 2019--Seating is limited to 24 at each live event. **Food, Lodging, and traveling expenses are not included the program price.  ***To book accomodations for the Netherlands in June 2019 contact Caroline Veerman by email: [email protected])
  • 12 months of group coaching  calls with Trace Hobson and Caroline Veerman, as well as special guests from different industries that are using this work
  • Membership in the private Facebook group for the community of people that are working in this way and working with the curriculum together 

The Basic Virtual Course Outline:

  • The Four Channels of Awareness
    • How to create an awareness feedback loop and become a system input for profound changes, and dynamic shifts in the systems you work in
    • In other words, you learn how to experience yourself as a change-agent in situations and projects that used to overwhelm and perplex you
  • The Four Dimensions of Listening
    • The individual, team, space in-between, and systemic dialogues that have no words, but when you listen to them, change everything rapidly
    • In other words, you learn how to work with yourself, people, teams, and the organization in a way that makes real differences and is relaxed and filled with ease
  • The Four Levels of Engagement
    • Inside out leadership and language for you, your teams, the day-to-day work, and your organization
    • Tools that give you and your team the language and fundamentals of transformation that they understand and love to use  
  • The Three Fundamental Principles
    • What this, and everything, is based on
    • Simple powerful principles that make sense for you, your team, and your boss/clients
  • The Three Questions
    • The management and leadership practice that sharpens your awareness and results
    • The organizational development tool that is used by you to have an inside out effect on everything that you do at all levels of your work--without you having to work harder and the fact more happens when you do less
  • Done for You Resources and Bonuses that will be built for you and will be added to for the next year
    • Team Exercises
    • Tailored Business Case Templates to track results and make a case for higher levels of the organization
    • Templates for every level of the course to be rolled-out to your team, department, and organization
    • Pilot Plans for bringing this work into your setting
    • Support and guidance through real-world case-stories and examples
    • Specific tools for roles, industries, and projects
    • Translation tools
    • Listening tools
    • Interpretation tools 

Our personal guarantee:

If you apply the principles and tools from this program in your work, your business, coaching, and leadership and you do not experience real, practical and lasting shifts and progress that you're grateful for, we will return your payments in full.

Here's what will happen after you pay for the program:

1. (*For the First 24 Registrations for Live Event in Holland Only) We will receive notification that you have purchased your live ticket and will send you an email to arrange a time where we can meet and talk about your goals, your work, your team, and your current challenges.

2. Once we speak then we will go over the onboarding for the live event with you

3. You will have immediate access to the registration for the monthly calls, the schedule, and the virtual supports that you can use immediately 

4. Once you're inside the virtual area then you will also find access to the Private Facebook group community 

Top Five FAQ's 

(*NOTE: If you have a question that isn't listed here, feel free to ask it by email):

  • Will this course create measurable results for me, my team, and my projects? 
    • If you commit to listening and working in this way we can personally guarantee that you will experience financial results that are beyond what you expect, though but it will require you to show up and say yes to leading and managing in a new way. It will stretch you, which is why we designed this program for you.
  • Will I see a return on this investment in my career, department, or project?
  • We have created this to be a high-value course that is accessible to everyone. We are committed to changing the way that work is done in busy stressful projects and environments, and so it is also designed to be a long-term walk with you and support your success program as well.
  • The curriculum is based on thousands of man-hours already invested and hundreds of man-hours that we are committed to spending over the next year with you as our participants.
  • The following gives you a break-down of the program, its value, and its cost to you as a participant:
  • This course cost is approximately 3,000 euros/dollars depending on your currency and includes:
    • 1 Ticket for the live four day training that is valued at 3,000€ (locations will vary in the Netherlands, Canada, United States, and Costa Rica and are on a yearly rotating schedule so that if you cannot attend one event you can attend another)
    • 1 Log-in for the Virtual Listening Leadership Resource for managers, coaches, and executives with tools, pdf's, video instructions, and resources for leaders, managers, and teams to apply this work - valued at 1997€
    • 1 Log-in for the year long monthly 1.5-hour coaching calls that support your learning and practically applying Transformational Presence work through your challenges, experiences, and learnings - valued at 7200€
    • Total Value of Listening Leadership Apply Your Transformational Presence Program for coaches, managers, executives, and project professionals is:
      • 12,197€
    • The Cost for the program is
      • 3,000 €
  • How can I practically apply working with the energy I hear underneath fear, anxiety, stress, and tension?
    • This is the transition that we are all in and the reason for this course. Think of it this way...Stress, fear, anxiety, and tension are already part of our everyday experience. They're already affecting us in all of the practical areas of life and work, and now we need to learn how to accept that, harness them, and apply them. How we do that is by listening and using tools, skills, and capacities for transforming stress into what will serve us, our teams, and our projects. This is what our course is all about and it is what we will work together to help you achieve, and we will do it in the practical areas of the role you play, the projects you lead or are in, and the day to day work-flows that you navigate every day. 
  • How can I explain this to my people and my boss?
    • We will help you with this. I have learned how to communicate what is happening over a lifetime of experience with this. In our course we will get a LITE APPL, in other words, we will Listen, Interpret, Translate, Execute, and Apply Practically what we discover in transformational action steps
    • You already know the language that will work for your organization, we will help you translate it in ways that will serve you and the people you work with
    • This is also where the online resource center is very helpful as well. All of the tools, pdf's, exercises, team processes, templates, and business case supports are there for you as well
    • As a last support, we also can help you create a business case for your board, boss, or executive team that aligns with their language, vision, and values if that helps 
  • Will this really make a difference in the way my team works together and our ability to deal with our FAST's (Fears, Anxieties, Stresses, and Tensions)?
    • This is the million dollar question, isn't it? All I can say is that this has been our experience. And I can also reassure you that if for some reason you apply yourself to this program and you make a sincere effort to apply this in your workplace, on your team, or in your project and you discover that it simply doesn't work for you and that you gained nothing for you and your career than all you have to do is let me know and I will refund your money with no questions asked. 




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