The Applied Transformational Presence Program


Are you a manager or coach working in stressful, busy, demanding work-places?

This program is for people, who are here to make a real difference, that’s powerful and practical for them and the people that they work with while also working and living in a world that feels overwhelming, stressful and is always demanding results.

The Applied Transformational Presence Program is for managers and coaches that want to: 

  • Make a Real Difference that's...
  • Powerful and Practical for themselves and the people they work with, 
  • in a world, that's Busy, Stressful, and constantly demanding Results...
  • And all, by Serving our Human Spirit by going from Me to We

Does that fit for you?

The first Applied Transformational Presence kick-off begins in June 2019 in Holland (location and final dates to be announced!!:). 

Each training is experiential and practically applied.

We are going to teach you how to rapidly transform the most difficult challenges and problems you are experiencing in your work right now. (don't worry you will not have to share them with anyone!!)

Each day of training that we are going to have will be either a stand-alone experience or you can link them together.

The training is led by Trace Hobson and Caroline Veerman and is based on the amazing work that they have been doing working with the stress and anxiety that people experience in big changes that they are going through.   

All of Caroline and Trace's work is based on Transformational Presence and is supported by the Center for Transformational Presence located in Boston, MA. 

What the price of the program includes:

  • A seat for one seat in one of the learning days being hosted in the Netherlands
  • Dates and times to be announced
  • Tools, supports, and processes that will help you to work with the energy of your challenges at work so you can:
    • Shift Stress, Fear, Anxiety, and Tension in Projects
    • Tools to Transform Day-to-Day Busyness and Operational Problems into Relaxation for you and your team
    • Tools to Create Safe and Supportive Teams
    • Language for Shifting Perceptions and Support of Leadership, Clients, and Teams
    • Measuring Transformation Practically
    • Harnessing the fear, anxiety, stress, and tension that happens during downsizing, restructuring, and "transformation" projects
    • Team coaching tools for practically applying Transformational Presence and working with energy, potential, and your presence in team meetings, and specific interventions
    • Tools for working with anger, frustration, and judgments for you, your clients, and for teams
    • More as we roll this area out and learn together what is needed...
  • Translation tools that help you find the words and language for each department or industry where you work (finance, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, engineering, etc..) so that you gain their support 

Our personal guarantee:

If you come to the event and you apply the principles and tools from our time together and you do not experience real, practical and lasting shifts and progress that you're grateful for, we will return your payment in full.

Here's what will happen after you pay for the program:

1. You will receive notification that you have purchased your live ticket and details for what will follow

Top Five FAQ's 

  • Will this course create measurable results for me, my team, and my projects? 
    • If you commit to listening and working in this way we can personally guarantee that you will experience measurable results that are beyond what you expect.
  • Will I see a return on this investment in my career, department, or project?
  • We have created this to be a high-value course that is accessible to everyone. We are committed to changing the way that work is done in busy stressful projects and environments, and so it is also designed to be a long-term walk with you and support your success program as well.
  • The curriculum is based on thousands of man-hours already invested and hundreds of man-hours that we are committed to spending over the next year with you as our participants.
  • How can I practically apply working with the energy I hear underneath fear, anxiety, stress, and tension?
    • This is the transition that we are all in and the reason for this course. Think of it this way...Stress, fear, anxiety, and tension are already part of our everyday experience. They're already affecting us in all of the practical areas of life and work, and now we need to learn how to accept that, harness them, and apply them. How we do that is by listening and using tools, skills, and capacities for transforming stress into what will serve us, our teams, and our projects. This is what our course is all about and it is what we will work together to help you achieve, and we will do it in the practical areas of the role you play, the projects you lead or are in, and the day to day work-flows that you navigate every day. 
  • How can I explain this to my people and my boss?
    • We will help you with this. I have learned how to communicate what is happening over a lifetime of experience with this. In our course we will get a LITE APPL, in other words, we will Listen, Interpret, Translate, Execute, and Apply Practically what we discover in transformational action steps
    • You already know the language that will work for your organization, we will help you translate it in ways that will serve you and the people you work with
    • This is also where the online resource center is very helpful as well. All of the tools, pdf's, exercises, team processes, templates, and business case supports are there for you as well
    • As the last support, we also can help you create a business case for your board, boss, or executive team that aligns with their language, vision, and values if that helps 
  • Will this really make a difference in the way my team works together and our ability to deal with our anxiety and stress?
    • This is the million dollar question, isn't it? All I can say is that this has been our experience. And I can also reassure you that if for some reason you apply yourself to this program and you make a sincere effort to apply this in your workplace, on your team, or in your project and you discover that it simply doesn't work for you and that you gained nothing for you and your career than all you have to do is let me know and I will refund your money with no questions asked. 




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