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We Walk Together and Listen

One of the distinct advantages of having someone me come and immerse myself in your organization, team, or project is that I help you to listen on a deeper level and then take actions that leverage energy, potential, and Transformational Presence.


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Team Meetings, Executive Leadership Development, and Strategic Dialogues

Being able to meet together and listen deeply as a team is critical for success, but how do we do that in a way that listens underneath the typical conversations and then harnesses the information that matters the most?!

Working with energy, potential, and Transformational Presence takes care of multiple dimensions and moves faster than anything that you have ever experienced before!


Book a Discovery Session with Trace Hobson

Listening Leadership Assessment

Bring your biggest challenge as a leader, manager, or coach and we will listen and assess together what is happening on a deep level.

Then we will debrief the results together in a discovery session.


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