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All of the content that I have created on this site is my own expression of Transformational Presence, and though it comes through me and my voice, it is founded on the work of Alan Seale, and The Center for Transformational Presence.

Alan and I work globally together through The Center and iConnectExpansion.

The excerpts of Alan in the videos, the branding, and any other Transformational Presence material is being used with Alan's permission and in conjunction with the Global Strategic Alliance Agreement between iConnectExpansion (Trace Hobson) and The Center for Transformational Presence (Alan Seale).

For more information contact:

Trace Hobson

[email protected]


Alan Seale

[email protected]


Web Site Photography and Video Credits:

Diana Terán Costa Rica

Diana's photography is simply amazing. She took the shots of the homepage of me as well as the ones that are on the free training page, the ways to work with me, as well as the page that I created for coaches.

Alan Seale

Many may not know this about Alan but he also has an eye for photography!

Alan took the picture that is on the grow your work page of the Karnak Temple pillars in Luxor.


Kathryne  Torimoto

Kathryn is the coach that I am speaking with the video that is on the introductory course for the HeartSell Program.




This has been quite a project to build this site with all of the pages, products, courses, emails, forms, opt-ins etc. 

If you see a picture or a piece of content that you feel needs to be sourced in any way please let me know!


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