A Higher Level Game!

Once you experience the power of this work you will begin to notice a higher level game that is getting your attention and calling you to bring this into your work for others to experience.

You're going to want to know how to practically apply this in your work, teams, projects, and organization.

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We Work With Energy and Potential and then We Take Action!

The Course that Helps You Create and Sustain Transformation

Nur Shojai, Visual Artist, Canada

"I want to thank Trace for his dedication and time; I achieved everything that I had as a goal when I started to work with Trace. This work solidified my skills for confidence, empowerment, and awareness—I feel I have an energy literacy now to understand what is happening in my life, and I feel empowered with the tools I need to deal with anything that comes along."

Jan Jaap Rodenburg, General Manager, South32, Maylasia

"Trace was my coach for close to a year and I truly enjoyed working with him. He has an amazing ability to tune in to the individual, provides insights to deeper levels of what is present at that moment and touches on the purpose of life and work. He has a wealth of business and trading experience which meant he could easily relate to my business and background without any judgement. He has inspired me with his examples of life and career choices."


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