Listening Leadership

Slow down to the speed of presence and learn how to lead through listening.

The problems, challenges, and situations that we are experiencing are not problems to fix. They are messages to listen to and to harness.

What if all of the problems and challenges we face are actually trying to set us free?

What if they're inviting us to tap into the potential and power we need to change everything?

When we learn how to listen to problems and challenges in a new way we begin to let life and our work talk to us rather than trying to make them go away.

Browse below to discover how to expand your leadership in this way!

We Listen Together

Would you like to leverage the largest challenges that you're facing into a spring board that serves you powerfully and accelerates your results?

Are you a coach that wants to expand your practice into organizations?

Are you an executive leader that is interested in finding a new more connected way to lead?

Are you a manager that's trying hard to find your way through the chaos?

Let's discover together what's Possible for You!


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We Listen Together

Being a transformational leader depends on your ability to listen to energy, potential, and then utilize your most valuable instrument...You!

Developing the skill of transformational presence listening helps you to develop the ability to have a strategic dialogue you department, project, and organization.

Would you like to get more done, with less effort, and more buy-in from your colleagues and superiors? 

Let's discover together what's possible for you!

Discovery Session with Trace Hobson

Change Anything Instantly by Working FAST!

We are taught from an early age to hide and push down any fear, anxiety, stress, or tension and for a while this serves us...until it doesn't.

Working FAST happens when we slow down and listen to what our fears, anxieties, stresses, tensions and traumas are trying to tell us.

Once we listen in this way then we can transform them and harness an unlimited supply of energy to show up and accomplish whatever we want to individually, on teams, and in our organizations.

Find out how!

Discovery Session with Trace Hobson

Connecting in Environments that Feel Completely 
Dis-Connected and in Dis-Ease

When our business is growing rapidly, we are implementing something new, or we are going through a re-organization project of any kind the tension and stress is always extreme.

This is because the stakes are high, you need everyone to do all of the regular work of the organization, and you also need everyone to get on board with the changes as fast as possible to avoid loss, instability, etc. 

It's at these times that people are the most difficult to work with because they are resisting what is happening within them and within their role and organization.

It doesn't have to be this way. There is a way to work rapidly with the changes, and use the energy that is there to accelerate them. 

This happens by working in a new way with energy, potential and Transformational Presence. 

Find out how!

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Create Safety in Environments that Are Filled with the Opposite

Productivity, performance, innovation, resilience, learning, discovering and growing happens in relationship to how safe people feel. 

This is a tipping point area for all companies and yet it's often ignored or misunderstood to be something that is enforced. 

And we often talk about safety but rarely experience it consistently.

Discover how to create a safe space!

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Take the Pressure by Creating a Pilot

The easiest way to start is by discovering together what wants to be created for you, your teams, and your projects. 

Once we discover this together we can then begin the process of navigating your organization and rolling out the pilot!

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Re-orgs, Agile Transformation, and Adoption Projects

Transformation is only really happening if we can see it, taste it, and touch it in real results in our projects and our departments. 

If our implementation program is costing too much, if our restructuring program is not working, if our sales are down and our expenses are up, if our customers and employees are not happy, stressed out, or overwhelmed, and if our people are thinking about getting out...we have a lot of information to work with...but How?

Discover how I can help you!

Discovery Session with Trace Hobson

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