Are you Ready for a Good Death?

article Feb 25, 2021

Sometimes I can't sleep. 

I wake up with anxiety, worry, and fear as my companions. 

On the surface, I might be worried about someone I love, I might be anxious about money, or I might be afraid that my world will fall apart in one practical area or another. 

It all seems so real that I almost miss the truth. 

The truth is that this is an opportunity for me to step into wholeness and freedom.

 I have another chance for me to die before I die. 


Death is so weird. 


We think it might be the end, and no one knows for sure, so it scares the shit out of us. It is total surrender to something that is so much bigger than us and that we have no control over. 

The truth is death is a reflection of the way life is already. 

We are so focused on the external and the temporary that we miss the eternal beings that we already always are. 


Our Life Systems (Our Body, Our Relationships, Our Work) invite us to realize the truth of wholeness continuously trying to emerge in those three systems. However, a lot of the time, we miss it entirely because the invitations come packaged in the one thing the world continually teaches us to avoid, pain. 

I mean, whoever wanted to RSVP yes to pain?!


So if we have an ache in our body, we pop a pill. If we have problems in our relationships, we ignore them or get a new one. If we have problems at work, we speed up, work harder, and work smarter to ignore the empty hollow feeling trying to tell us something important.


I believe the real question for us to ask ourselves is: Will what I'm focusing on matter to me at my death? 


You know the point we all pretend is never going to happen?

As the old saying goes, none of us are getting out of this thing alive!


I believe that in the moments leading to our departure for our next adventure, we will answer three questions without any distractions or pretense:

1. Am I happy with the way I lived my life?

2. Do I have any regrets?

3. How do I feel about what's next?


All the excuses and distractions get revealed for what they are at that point—complete horse shit.

One of the biggest lies that I have told myself and I hear regularly is: I know how important this is, and I will address it, but I have to do this essential thing first, or that critical task first, or fill in the blank. 

If we are going to have a good death (and a much better life, by the way), we had better get honest with ourselves.


If whatever you're doing now is not going to matter to your death, then it doesn't matter.

The tricky part is that we often live our beliefs and act like we don't have them.


Here are five phrases that can indicate you are focused on things that don't matter: 


I am too busy. 

I do not have space or energy. 

I don't know-how.

I am not good enough. 

I don't have time.


Each of these has its energy signature and distractive properties. 

We need to turn our consciousness on and listen below the surface so we will hear what is, then we will have a good death. 

I address these all together in a live interactive free event that I do throughout the year called the safe space gathering. So I won't go deep into these here, but I will shine some light on each to capture their essence. 


I am too busy: 

When we act busy or feel rushed and urgent in our lives, we are running scared from ourselves and the fear that we won't accomplish what we know in our soul we are here to do.


I do not have space or energy:

Feeling a lack of space and energy for yourself and the people that are important to you because your doing things with your time that you feel obligated to do reflects that you are living someone else's idea of what your life should be. You know that you have surrendered your journey to someone, and that's why you are exhausted and discouraged all the time.


I don't know-how:

This is a lie that you were probably bought up to believe. The lie says that you need an additive to validate your life in the form of a degree, position, power, money or prestige. You need people's approval so that they believe that you know-how and so that you finally have the credibility you think you need to be you. The problem is you never feel like you quite measure up, and you never will. At least not like this.


I am not good enough:

This energy hides your power from you in the form of having to be enough, do enough, and feel good enough, and it refuses to be vulnerable. So, you never find your real presence, power and the truth that you were never meant to be just enough. You are supposed to be you, nothing more and nothing less.


I don't have time:

This addiction to the temporal feeling of relief in the false idea that we can manage time misses the truth that we are the ones who are generating it. We are causing it in every moment we live in this three-dimensional reality.


When you walk with each of these and allow your consciousness to shed light on what they're saying to you, I believe you will find your pathway to a good death.


What's a good death? 


It's a death with no regrets, and that has left behind its natural legacy of love. 


When you listen deeply to what your Life Systems are saying and work out the karmic work that only you can, you will live your bliss. 

When you work with your Karma, you are empowered to live your Darma.

And when you live your Darma, you never have to worry about what will happen in the end. 

As my dad has always taught me, the end will take care of itself.


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