Are you from another planet?

article Dec 10, 2020

Are you from another planet?

Spoiler alert: I think you are, but then, I think we all are.

The world is noisy. We all know that. From the time we're born into this thing called life, it feels like our consciousness smacks us with lights, cameras, and then action! And we're off and running.

When we first arrive in the delivery room, we cry to announce our arrival and our initial impressions of this weird, wonderful world. Right after that, we meet the humanoids that are supposed to teach us planet earth's traditions and customs.

Have you ever felt like you might be an alien from another planet?

I think we all are.

I think we were all walking through an exhibition on planetary travel one day, going from booth to booth, looking at the different places that we could go.  

When we suddenly heard a kafuffle and saw a big crowd quickly moving toward one of the stalls. We couldn't help ourselves. Our whole body felt drawn by the energy we felt, and we had to go and see what all the excitement was. 

As we peered through the people standing in front of us, we caught a glimpse of the most incredible trip that the exhibition had ever offered: A Free Trip to Planet Earth!

The sights, the sounds, the wonders! We couldn't wait to sign up! Then the disclaimer. This is no ordinary trip. When you travel to Earth, you arrive as a baby, you come with a specific Primary Purpose to share before you leave, but you completely forget all of it!

Part of the agreement for going on the trip is that you will have no recollection of anything before the starting point of being born. I don't remember why exactly. Maybe it's some sort of Universal Market Research study or something!?

If I'm right, it's no wonder why get here crying! We're thrilled, terrified, and exhilarated all at the same time, but we can't talk yet! 

Then as we grow and live out our lives, this burning question keeps nagging us because we know it has a really important answer, if we could only remember?!

 Why am I here again? What's my primary purpose?

Education, careers, goals, aspirations, and all our other life To-Do's give us a sense of hope for an answer initially, but as we check them off our list, we discover over and over that the nagging question is still there inside of us.

"The pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them." Rumi

None of us are getting out of this thing alive. Deep down, whether we think about it or not, we know that our time on this planet is limited. That's why not having an answer to this question is so frustrating because we know the last place on Earth that we want to realize we missed our Primary Purpose is in the departure lounge!

That's why this question burns so profoundly. It is the most important one we have to answer before we leave.

Your Primary Purpose carries you and your life beyond the everyday enjoyment of this planet. When you discover it, life becomes sharper, more focused, and you can finally remember the real reason why you came here.

Thankfully, it is effortless to discover when you look in the right place and listen in the right way. At the same time, it feels tough because we need to look in the one place we avoid.

Our pain.

Our Primary Purpose reveals itself naturally through pain, fears, anxiety, stress, tensions, traumas, and resistances we feel in our bodies, minds, and lives.

The faster we listen to those pains as Rumi encourages, the quicker we heal and finally find the answer to our mystery.

The obvious question is: How do we slow down and listen to something we repeatedly avoid?

"Hey, I have an idea! Let's dig up our deepest darkest pain so we can find messages!" Said no one ever!

It's all right, put the shovel down and step away slowly! 

There is a gentle natural way to find your Primary Purpose, but it requires something. It requires you to learn how to create a Safe Space inside of yourself. 

When you learn to create a safe space inside yourself, you heal, remember who you are, and remember why you came here. 

As someone who has lived through profound trauma on multiple occasions, I can tell you the last thing I ever wanted to do was "explore my pain"! If someone had said that to me, I know my reaction to them would have probably been nasty, or POOF, I would have been gone.

The way I survived was to ignore the pain, be in denial of the pain, and bury the pain deep inside. That served me and helped me survive. It cocooned my heart to remain whole so that someday the casing could break to reveal who I am and why I am here.

Eventually, the cacoon stopped serving me in the same way that it did initially. My protective shell started to become a cause of pain, and that pain began to express itself everywhere in my life.

My body, relationships, and career became a megaphone saying the same thing: "Trace, it's time to come home to yourself. It's time to heal and be whole."

The pain in my life asked me to slow down and listen to it in a different way than I had before, but I didn't know that at the time. I just wanted it to stop.

I discovered that it did stop when I started listening with my whole body.

So what did I discover about my Primary Purpose when I finally listened? 

I discovered that when I slow down, listen in a new way, and fully accept what I hear, my Primary Purpose is easy to spot. 

I also know that I will be smiling when I get to the planetary departure lounge at the end of this trip.

What about you? Will you be smiling?



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