Transformation in Health-Care During Large Challenges in the Netherlands



3:11 Caroline Veerman's perspective and experience with the challenges in healthcare - Fewer people and less money

3:37 What does this create in the organizations that are experiencing this? 

4:20 What are the financial impacts of this? HUGE! 

5:02 What are some of the myths in healthcare leadership?

6:00 What creates real and lasting change in healthcare?

6:11 Transformational Presence healthcare pilot description

7:30 Stronger team communication

7:35 Dutch description of the Pilot

8:20 Description of Pilot from Trace's perspective

9:20 What have you noticed on the team with their capacity and ability to navigate the stress, changes, and challenges now? Connection, resilience, presence.

10:30 A completely new team

10:39 An additional pilot of a meeting to connect 5 different teams that were trying to connect for 10 years

11:54 Coming together, connecting and sustaining the changes

13:00 The results 6 months later

13:50 Learning together, sharing resources, serving clients

14:26 Which tools did you use?

15:49 What is listening?

16:19 What are the tangible financial results?

17:40 Conclusions and next steps


The Written Blog by Caroline Veerman

An Introduction to Transformational Presence




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