Who is Trace Hobson?

First a Little about Presence...

Presence is the foundation of everything.
When we arrive on planet earth we are intrinsically connected to our presence.

As children we know this. We spend the first few years totally aware of this and we live a rich life, but then we begin to learn that we need to adjust to get by in this world. 

We begin to condition ourselves to look outside ourselves for the answers to life and we quickly learn how to adjust and ignore our inner awareness or our presence so that we can function and survive.

Inevitably as the years go by through education, conditioning, and classic punishment reward approaches to life, we start to experience the stress fractures that happen when we're distracted from our presence.

Break-downs physically, mentally, relationally, and professionally are the by-product of this distraction from the one reality that’s most vital for us—our presence.

It’s usually during these times that we begin the journey home to ourselves as we learn to connect, listen, and lead our lives from the inside out.

When we do we rediscover our birthright as Human Beings and we know immediately what has been missing all along has been our presence.

It’s at this point that we’re invited into the practice of creating and applying our presence as the foundation for our lives and our work.

When we do that, everything changes for us fundamentally.

We return to our most natural state and as time goes by wholeness, and a playful joyfulness, inevitably ensues.

Just as our lives reflected the disconnect from ourselves that used to be there, now the pendulum swings the other way as our life, our relationships, and our work begin to reflect a deep satisfaction that becomes the peace and freedom that we have always longed for.

What has been exciting for me as I have practically applied this in my work around the world, is the way that a presence based life transforms for the better all of the practical results we hope for.

Families, teams, and whole organizations come together in a way that is super-natural when people feel safe enough to work and live from who they are.

What's most amazing to me is that all of this begins by slowing down and taking a deep breath, so that we can listen to what is already there asking for our attention.

Welcome to the Speed of Your Presence...


This is who I am...

I love to work with people that are here to make a difference...

I suppose that's why I've felt so attracted to working with coaches, managers, and teams that are doing incredibly important work all over the world.

I'm able to share through my experience, strength, and hope how to work and live in a way that's filled with peace and power.

So that people everywhere get the help that they need to:

  • Learn to master the language of their natural energy-system and apply what they learn in the places that mean the most to them
  • Learn to slow down and listen to what their energy-system is really saying, so that they realize their full-potential
  • Learn to recognize and dialogue with energy-systems around them (people, families, teams, workplaces), so that they transform pressure, stress, and anxiety into wholeness and freedom
  • Learn skills and tools that work from the inside-out, and create full-potential results that are filled with peace and ease

This is what get's me out of bed in the morning!

How about you?




Your Presence 
Changes Everything...




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