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Welcome to iConnectExpansion by Trace Hobson

Where Executive Leaders, Teams, and Organizations Learn the Skills and Tools of Transformational Presence, so they can make a difference in the world.

A 14-Day Guest Pass to the
Conscious Leadership Toolbox: Transformational Presence Leadership 4.0

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Transformational Presence Leadership 4.0

Transformational Presence Leadership 4.0

A Conscious Leadership Toolbox that fits perfectly with your leadership development and your role in the organization


Welcome to our 14-Day Guest Pass

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Wat zeggen klanten over Trace en zijn werk?

What's it like to work with Trace?

Trace works with individuals, teams, and organizations globally. He is based in British Columbia, Canada and works extensively in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, and in Central America.

Service that Connects and Expands You and Your Organization

Verbinding en groei mogelijk maken voor jou, je team en organisatie

My Work is Inspired By

Hello my name is Trace Hobson, I am the founder and director of iConnectExpansion, and the Organizational Alchemist and Mystic for The Center for Transformational Presence.

Through a discovery-based experiential training approach, in virtual, in-person, in-company programs, and live workshop facilitations I support executives, teams, and organizations that are moving through large scale transitions, transformations, and reorganizations.

My work in the world is to equip executives, teams, and organizations with new potential-based leadership tools, skills, and approaches that support them in creating and expanding transformational cultures and leadership.

This is all inspired by the joy of helping people realize and actualize their greatness.

Discovery Based Training

My work in the world is based on my experiences over the last 30 years as an an organizational developer, my application of discovery-based models of leadership over the last 13 years(Theory-U/Satir), and my synthesizing of all of that into the simple, powerful skills and tools of Transformational Presence.

Alan Seale, the Founder and Director of The Center for Transformational Presence and I, work globally to help leaders from companies like Google, Ikea, and many others to develop new capacities for conscious leadership in a VUCA world.

Practical Powerful Tools

In a world that is moving and changing rapidly we need a new approach that celebrates and supports the human spirit, creates powerful results, and is simple enough to naturally scale.

The tools presented in this introduction to the Servant Leadership 3.0 course are designed to meet the needs of industries globally that are in large transitions. 

I mainly work within hi-tech, fin-tech, healthcare, education, financial services, and banking, but I am available to any industry or organization that is interested and committed to evolving to a more whole, connected, collaborative, and compassionate model of leadership.

My team and I work with people all over the world to support the expansion of this work. Currently we are working in 33 countries.

A Few of the Leaders
I am Privileged to Work With

Ontmoet enkele leiders met wie ik samen werk

"Trace was my coach for close to a year and I truly enjoyed working with him. He has an amazing ability to tune in to the individual, provides insights to deeper levels of what is present at that moment and touches on the purpose of life and work. He has a wealth of business and trading experience which meant he could easily relate to my business and background without any judgement. He has inspired me with his examples of life and career choices."

Jan Jaap Rodenburg
General Manager Commercial Services at South32

"Trace is an inspiring and very competent transformational presence leader and coach who is able to connect inner and outer worlds so that expansion can happen individually, in teams and in organizations. Through working with Trace I discovered new and exciting aspects of myself with regard to my work in the world. "

Caroline Veerman
Caroline Veerman, manager at Koninklijke Kentalis

"Support, Challenge, Potential. These are the first three words that come to me when I think about Trace Hobson as a coach, leader, mentor, and working partner. Trace is an incredible support for those who choose to work with him. He also challenges them to step into the best of who they are and live into their greatest potential—as leaders, as coaches, as people who want to make a difference, as human beings. "

Alan Seale
Founder and Director of The Center for Transformational Presence


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