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Hi, I'm Trace Hobson the founder and director of iConnectExpansion.

I'm an executive coach, trainer, nature lover, and guide for creating FASTeR™ transformations in organizations.

I teach people how to listen to what's really going on underneath the stress and anxiety the human beings experience in organizations, projects, and teams, so that we can create workplaces that are vibrant, resilient, responsible, and filled with compassion and peace, along with productivity and results. 

Several years ago I turned my passion for helping people in reactive industries into a global business that shows coaches, executives and managers how to transform fear, anxiety, stress, and tension into practical results that come from a place that's connected, natural, and whole.

If you're a coach, project manager, scrum master, department manager, or an executive leader that works with people in unpredictable projects and environments, and you have a passion for helping people, then feel free to browse around and reach out and say hello.

How Trace Helps His Clients

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"Trace was my coach for close to a year and I truly enjoyed working with him. He has an amazing ability to tune in to the individual, provides insights to deeper levels of what is present at that moment and touches on the purpose of life and work. He has a wealth of business and trading experience which meant he could easily relate to my business and background without any judgement. He has inspired me with his examples of life and career choices."

Jan Jaap Rodenburg
General Manager Commercial Services at South32

"Trace is an inspiring and very competent transformational presence leader and coach who is able to connect inner and outer worlds so that expansion can happen individually, in teams and in organizations. Through working with Trace I discovered new and exciting aspects of myself with regard to my work in the world. "

Caroline Veerman
Caroline Veerman, manager at Koninklijke Kentalis

"Support, Challenge, Potential. These are the first three words that come to me when I think about Trace Hobson as a coach, leader, mentor, and working partner. Trace is an incredible support for those who choose to work with him. He also challenges them to step into the best of who they are and live into their greatest potential—as leaders, as coaches, as people who want to make a difference, as human beings. "

Alan Seale
Founder and Director of The Center for Transformational Presence


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